Yoga – meaning yoke, or union, focuses on the connection between body, mind and spirit. Yoga uses classic postures, movements and breathing practices to bring a balance of improved strength, flexibility and serenity to the practitioner. No matter what your age or physical ability, everyone can benefit from yoga. The physical practice (asana) can range from gentle to very rigorous. With constant practice you will improve overall strength and flexibility, decrease low back pain and lower stress levels. In time you will gain a deeper awareness of your body and yourself.

While there are many styles of yoga most of them fall under the larger heading of Hatha yoga, the ancient science of yoga from India, which uses the physical postures and breathing practices to tone the body and quiet the mind. At ProjectXercise we teach gentle Hatha yoga to the more rigorous type of Hatha Vinyasa which links the movements and breath together in a continuous flowing series. Although the name of the company is ProjectXercise you will find that yoga is so much more than just exercise!