Class Rates & FAQs

Group classes run in ten week sessions at the Oakton studio: 

  • Wednesdays 5:30-7:30pm
    Level II/III
  • Fridays 12:30-2:30pm Level II/III
  • Saturdays 9:00-10:15am Level I  (for men only)
Note: Levels vary from studio to studio but all level II and above require some previous experience and include a strong standing sequence with arm balances and inversions.
Johnny also teaches on Mondays 7:00-9:00pm, Level II/III at Beloved Yoga in Reston, Va.
Private one on one sessions can be scheduled at any available time and will focus on alignment,  form and the progression of the student’s practice. Private lessons are a great way for beginners to build a solid foundation of the basic postures used in most classes and for advanced students to deepen their practice.

ProjectXercise also offers a private ten week full immersion yoga experience. This consists of ten two hour sessions which include instruction in asana, pranayama, meditation and the study of the classic yoga texts and basic anatomy. This is a great way to kick start your introduction to yoga or deepen an existing practice.

Ten week class sessions are $150 pre-paid ($15 per class)

If you sign up for one session you may drop-in on the other one for $15 per class providing there is room.

Private sessions are $60/hour and $90/90 minutes at the Oakton Studio

The 10 week (20 hour) full immersion program is $1200.


What should I wear to yoga class?

You should wear clothing that lets you move but is snug fitting so it doesn’t fall in your face in inversions, even down dog, and so the instructor can see your form.

What should I bring to yoga class?

You should bring a small towel for sweat. Bring a water bottle although you should drink sparingly. In time you will learn to hydrate before and not drink much during class. While spare mats are provided you should get your own mat soon. When you sweat and move your body all over a mat it becomes a personal thing like a toothbrush.

Can I do yoga? I’m not very flexible.

That means you really need yoga. Health experts feel that as we age flexibility is what we should work on most. Being able to move your body will greatly enhance your quality of life. Remember that yoga transforms you not just physically, but mentally and emotionally also.

Is there such a thing as yoga etiquette in the classroom?

Yes. You should arrive ten minutes early, set up your mat, settle down quietly and do some gentle stretches and prepare mentally for class. Try not to step on anyone else’s mat. Throughout class you should practice quietly and try not to be disruptive. Yoga is a quiet internal practice. If you have to leave early, leave before savasana (the final resting pose) so you don’t disrupt others during one of the most important parts of the class.