Neeraj Prasad, Vienna, VA

“When I started training with Johnny, I had been living for a year with a messed up shoulder – a freak fall which led to four torn rotator cuff tendons, surgery that managed to repair three of them, and rehab therapy that had essentially taken me as far as they thought possible, i.e., about 30 %. I was quite resigned to continuing somewhere near that level.

Johnny’s focus on core strengthening, rather than working only on my shoulder, was very effective, and his selfless approach to both his work and his life  is infectious: you start to believe that you can reach further. I  responded very well to his encouragement – let’s see how far we can take this – and he uses a studied approach to tailor your regimen to what he thinks will work, adding variations and loads to keep it both interesting and challenging. Also, 60 minutes is 60 minutes; you get undivided attention.

There are still things I cannot do, and will probably never be able to, but the overall improvements have been dramatic, because we have been able to teach my shoulder muscles to do new things. So maybe not 100%, but at least 75, which is still more than double where I started

Thanks, Johnny!”

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