Laura Niel – Triathlete

“I started personal training with Johnny after ankle surgery.  As a competitive triathlete, I knew I was going to have a hard time going without my running, biking, and swimming.  Johnny modified exercises as I was in a cast and boot for a few months and helped me return to my activities as quickly as possible.  I realized the personal training was making a difference in my overall strength which will help minimize injury and keep me active at a high level – not to mention it feels good to be strong!  Johnny has great balance in knowing when to push and when not to push in terms of helping you get to the next level of fitness.  One of the reasons I go to personal training is because I wouldn’t do a lot of these exercises on my own.  But I will do them, try hard, and get proficient at most of them, with Johnny’s encouragement.  We all need help on our various goals, and I’m thankful to have Johnny helping me reach my fitness goals.  I think personal training with Johnny is a smart investment and highly recommend it – what’s more important than your health and feeling good?  I’m working on making time for yoga…”

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