Don Beless, Oakton, VA

I am pleased to write this testimonial to the outstanding personal and professional qualities of John O’Connor.

Johnny, as he known to his hundreds of colleagues and highly satisfied, enthusiastically supportive students and trainees, is simply the best, most effective personal trainer/physical fitness instructor I have ever met. He brings to his work superb professional knowledge, great personal charm, and a wonderful sense of humor. His teaching reflects genuine caring and concern for his students. He instructs, challenges, and motivates with incredible skill.

I met Johnny when I enrolled in a spinning class shortly after retiring from a career in higher education administration. While I had always kept reasonably physically fit, Johnny expanded my knowledge and motivation exponentially. As a result of the many core conditioning, cycle spin, and yoga classes I took from him, and with his encouragement, I became a spin instructor. Recently, one of my students paid me the best compliment I could imagine: she said my class was a lot like Johnny’s.

In my former professional life I wrote numerous references and letters of support for colleagues and students, but none with greater enthusiasm.

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