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Welcome to ProjectXercise. At ProjectXercise we believe that there are many paths to a strong, flexible, healthy body and we try to offer you several options to reach that goal.

No matter what your age or present physical condition we can help customize a program that will help you meet your goals of physical and mental well being.

ProjectXercise offers private and group instruction in exercise science, yoga, indoor cycling and weight management and healthy eating. We also offer the service of Thai massage. We offer services at our Oakton, Va. studio.

A healthy body has a balance of strength, flexibility and cardio endurance. We can reach that balance through a variety of methods, some old some new, including full body functional movement with or without weight using an assortment of equipment including weight machines, free weights, resistance tubing, weighted balls, stability balls, bosu, the TRX trainer, indoor cycles and the newest advances in flexibility training. And don’t forget the ancient science of Yoga.

Maybe you are an elite athlete looking to sharpen your edge or maybe you just want to gain some general fitness. Maybe you always wanted to start yoga or maybe you are an advanced practitioner looking to deepen your practice even more. You might want to finally alleviate constant back pain or rehab after an injury or surgery.  You might want to lose weight and reduce or get off high blood pressure or diabetes medication. Whatever the reason you have come to ProjectXercise, we have a project for you.

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At ProjectXercise we are certified, licensed and insured and will be glad to provide references.

Call about booking a lecture, demonstration or workshop on any of the subject matter covered in this site for your corporation, office or group.

Tip of the Week:

Drink lots of water and green tea. Stop drinking sugar (that includes sports drinks and energy drinks)

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Training Videos

ProjectXercise will soon be offering a video library with hundreds of exercises and yoga postures. It will also include full-length exercise classes, yoga classes, indoor cycling classes and nutrition lectures.  Here is just a sample video: